Hazelnuts are the edible seed of the hazel tree, typically sold shelled. Depending on species they may also be known as filbert nut or cobnut.

Health considerations

Hazelnuts are a source of magnesium, manganese, Vitamins E, B1, and B6, and other vitamins and minerals. The majority of hazelnuts’ fat content is monounsaturated. Hazelnuts are also a source of protein, fiber, and various antioxidants and phytonutrients.

Keep in mind

Hazelnuts are considered tree nuts and thus should be avoided by those with tree nut allergies, unless otherwise indicated.

May be found in

Confectionery, chocolates, pralines, Dacquoise, meringues, hazelnut chocolate spread


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Aternative Spellings and Names

Filbert, cobnut

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