Corn, more accurately referred to as maize, is the most widely grown grain crop in the Americas.

Health considerations

Corn is a common allergen.

Keep in mind

Over 86% of the US corn crop in 2010 was genetically modified. Heavily subsidized, large corn monocultures comprise nearly 100 million acres of US land. Corn is the source of a large number of food and industrial derivatives, particularly corn ethanol for biofuels and its use as an animal feed, in addition to being present in a significant number of commercial food products.

May be found in

Salsa, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, corn starch, food starch, modified food starch, prepared meals, popcorn, corn oil, fried foods, vegetable oil, polenta, corn flour, breakfast cereal, bread, pizza, english muffins, pea meal bacon, tortillas, masa harina, tamales, hominy, grits, taco shells, Bourbon whiskey, grain alcohols, xanthan gum


Crop Protection

Alternative Spellings and Names


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