Balsamico tradizionale is a balsamic vinegar of high quality that can only be produced in the Emilia Romagna or Modena region of Italy. It is produced solely from cooked grape must and is slow aged for a minimum of twelve years in a series of at least five wooden casks.

Health considerations

Balsamico tradizionale is a highly concentrated source of antioxidants, with some tests showing it to have a higher antioxidant capacity compared to red wines.

Keep in mind

Balsamico tradizionale is considerably more expensive than other balsamic vinegars, and can cost more than $60 an ounce, or $200 per 100 mL. When purchasing, ensure the bottle carries a seal from the Emilia Romagna or Modena region’s balsamico consortium, certifying it.

May be found in

Sold as is in 100 mL, stamped and certified bottles

Food Chemistry

Alternative Spellings and Names

Aceto balsamico tradizionale, traditional balsamic vinegar

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