Calcium hydroxide is a calcium-containing compound also known as slaked lime and pickling lime. It is used primarily to regulate acidity, to maintain firmness in pickled foods, and as a source of calcium.

Health considerations

Calcium hydroxide has shown no negative effects in the amounts present in food. It is easily dealt with by normal metabolism and is a usable source of calcium. It has a low toxicity and is mild in the quantities present in food.

Keep in mind

Purchase and use of calcium hydroxide powder carries risks when improperly used. Commercially produced foods using calcium hydroxide ensure safe pH levels (alkalinity).

May be found in

Soft drinks, sports drinks, fruit juices, infant formulas, pickled vegetables, corn tortillas, masa-based products, hominy, papadam, nutritional supplements, tofu, soymilk, preserved fish and meat, processed fish and meat, cheese, dairy products


CODEX Alimentarius
Pediatric Emergency Care
U.S. Food and Drug Administration

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