Vinclozolin is a fungicide historically used to treat produce such as lettuces, berries, canola, and wine grapes. In the US, residue is currently permitted from canola, livestock fed canola, and imported grapes.

Health considerations

Vinclozolin and its metabolites can have carcinogenic and antiandrogenic effects, where androgens are the male steroid hormones such as testosterone. It may affect development and function of sex organs and hormone systems, fertility, as well as circulating levels of sex hormones. It is a suspected liver, gastrointestinal, and kidney toxicant.

Keep in mind

While regulated in some countries, residue on fresh produce (specifically raspberries, chicory, lettuce, kiwi, canola, snap beans, dry bulb onions, cucumbers, and sweet peppers) imported from countries with different regulations may be of concern. Guidelines for vinclozolin use encourage that it not be applied in a way that will contact workers or other persons in any manner.

May be found in

Wine grapes, canola products, unauthorized residue on imported fresh produce



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