Tartrazine is a synthetic dye used to add yellow color to many processed foods

Health considerations

Tartrazine is frequently reported in studies of food intolerance and is linked to hyperactivity, irritability, and aggression in children. Tartrazine also has shown ability to activate human estrogen receptors; this can change cell behavior, possibly increasing the chance of developing breast, endometrial, or uterine cancers. Individuals with allergies to ASA (aspirin) are more prone to adverse reactions to tartrazine such as asthma, rashes, and other inflammatory responses. This dye contains benzidene, a human and animal carcinogen.

Keep in mind

In the UK and European Union there is a warning regarding this colour due to the effect it has been seen to have on children. This dye has no nutritional value.

May be found in

Soft drinks, pasta, sauces, corn chips, popcorn


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Alternative Spellings and Names

FD&C Yellow No.5, Yellow No. 5, E102

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