Sweet potatoes are the tuberous crops of the Ipomoea batatas plant. Sweet potatoes exist in a variety of colors; the flesh of a sweet potato can be beige, white, red, pink, violet, yellow, orange, or purple.

Health considerations

Sweet potatoes are a good source of fiber, vitamin B6 and potassium, and a very good source of vitamin A, vitamin C and manganese. In addition, this vegetable contains many beneficial phytochemicals, some which have been implicated as having anti-cancer, anti-diabetic (through improved regulation of blood sugar), and anti-inflammatory activities.

Keep in mind

Sweet potatoes are often referred to as yams, though these two species are not in the same family of plants. The US Department of Agriculture requires that the term yam be accompanied by the term sweet potato, if it is not botanically a yam.

May be found in

Sold as is, soups, stews, entrées, french fries, chips, sweet potato flour


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Alternative spellings and names

Yam, Sweet potato yam

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