Milk ingredients is an umbrella term for any component of milk that has been isolated or milk itself that has been altered in some form. The chemical state of these products has not been altered. Examples include: butter, buttermilk, butter oil, milk fat, cream, milk, partly skimmed milk, skim milk.

Health considerations

Individual milk ingredients have unique health properties. All milk ingredients carry the risk of triggering a milk allergy as they may contain the protein that is allergenic.

Keep in mind

Use of milk ingredients on a label allows the manufacturer to change the actual ingredient itself between batches depending on factors including availability and cost. There is no way to know which milk ingredient is actually within the product.

May be found in

Yogurt, milk-based beverages, cream-based products, coffee creamers, cheese products, cheese, energy bars, chocolate, cakes, cookies, bread, ice cream, frozen desserts


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