Hemp protein powder is made from hemp seeds. It typically has a distinct, earthy flavor that pairs well with chocolate. Hemp protein powder may be gritty when blended in smoothies, though brands vary.

Health considerations

Hemp protein is highly digestible and a source of all essential amino acids. Hemp protein powders are typically relatively low in protein compared to protein isolates. However, they are likely to contain fat and fiber, which increase satiety, as well as a variety of vitamins and minerals. See: Hemp hearts.

Keep in mind

While hemp grows from the cannabis plant, the psychoactive component, THC, is rigorously tested to ensure it is at a level that would not cause effects or trigger a drug test without unreasonably high consumption. This testing is done by a third party. Hemp’s linolenic acid is in the form of alpha-linolenic acid. See: Alpha-linolenic acid.

May be found in

Sold as is, vegan protein blends, vegetarian protein blends

Modern Food Science and Technology
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Alternative Spellings and Names

Hemp protein

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