Glucono delta-lactone is a typically synthetic food additive made from glucose, used as an acidity regulator, leavening agent, sequestrant, and coagulant.

Health considerations

Glucono delta lactone is considered safe. It may interfere with some enzymes that digest carbohydrates, but this is not considered significant or able to interfere with obtaining energy.

Keep in mind

Glucono delta-lactone is present in very small quantities in food and typically has converted to gluconic acid, a naturally occurring acid in fruit.

May be found in

Tofu, bread, pickles, cured and pickled products, baked goods, refrigerated and frozen doughs, smoked meat, cheese, dairy, dairy-based products, canned vegetables and legumes, pasta sauce


CODEX Alimentarius

Alternative Spellings and Names

GDL, D-Gluconic Acid, Delta-Lactone, Glucono-delta-lactone,Gluconolactone, Delta-Gluconolactone, E575

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