Diglycerides are fats which, unlike the majority of fats which contain three fatty acids, contain two fatty acids in their structure. Diglycerides can occur naturally but are also synthetically produced for use in the food industry, where they act as emulsifiers, thickeners, extenders, and texture improvers.

Health considerations

No adverse effects have been associated with inclusion of diglycerides in the diet as a food additive. As they are not traditional, triglyceride fats, products containing diglycerides may be labelled as fat-free.

Keep in mind

Diglycerides may be derived from raw materials sourced from animals. Consumers should contact manufacturers if they have specific concerns with avoiding animal products.

May be found in

Bread, peanut butter, chewing gum, ice cream, salad dressing, margarine, whipped topping, confections



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