Tart cherries are the stone fruit of cultivars of the Prunus cerasus tree. These include Morello, Montmorency, and Amarelle cherries.

Health considerations

Tart cherries are a source of vitamins C, A, E, and K, as well as a variety of antioxidants and beta carotene. Tart cherry juice has been the subject of multiple exercise-based studies, and has shown benefits to reducing muscle pain following running and weight lifting sessions. Tart cherry juice consumption decreases oxidative stress, and has been studied as a sleep aid in insomniac patients. There is some evidence that it may improve cholesterol levels in diabetic patients with high cholesterol.

Keep in mind

Tart cherries have a somewhat lesser sugar content than sweet cherries, but the same glycemic index.

May be found in

Sour cherry juice, fresh, frozen


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Alternative Spellings and Names

Cherry, sour

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