Cassavas are the tuberous crops of the Manihot esculenta plant. This vegetable is a staple in much of the developing world, and it is the base ingredient for tapioca powder.

Health considerations

Cassavas are a good source of manganese, and a very good source of vitamin C. Cassava is essentially pure starch, contributing little protein or fat to the diet. The, bitter varieties of cassava root, when raw, contain compunds which convert to hydrogen cyanide. Bitter cassava must be fully cooked to avoid these effects. Sweet cassava varieties do not contain cyanogenic compounds.

May be found in

Tapioca, fufu, flat breads, tapioca starch, tapioca flour, cassava cake, cassava bread, boba tapioca pearls, chips, entrées, sold as is. 


Nutrition Data


Alternative Spellings and Names

Manihot esculenta, Manioc, Yuca, Balinghoy, Kamoteng kahoy, Tabolchu, Mogo, Mandioca, Tapioca-root, Kappa, Manioc root

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