Calcium carbonate is a naturally occurring white compound approved as a food additive. It is used as a calcium source, an acidity regulator, anticaking agent, stabiliser, firming agent, and to add white colour.

Health considerations

Calcium supplementation in the form of calcium carbonate eased premenstrual symptoms in a study of 466 women, with increased symptom reduction across cycles. The calcium in calcium carbonate (in tablet or as a fortified non-dairy food) has been shown as equally available for absorption as the calcium in cow’s milk, cheese, and other dairy products. See: calcium

Keep in mind

Excessive calcium intake can cause severe health effects including organ failure due to hypercalcemia. This is a particular risk from calcium supplements and excessive intake of antacids.

May be found in

Antacids, calcium-fortified milk and milk alternatives, calcium-fortified dairy products and dairy alternatives, tofu, yogurt, cheese, canned fish, processed meat and fish, cereal, canned vegetables, canned legumes, canned fruit, calcium supplements


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Alternative Spellings and Names

Chalk, E170

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