Brilliant Blue FCF is a synthetic blue dye derived from petroleum.

Health considerations

Long-term toxicity studies performed on healthy rats and dogs have found no adverse effects; the dye was approved on this basis. However, recent reports have found it to be hazardous to people with compromised health, to be able to induce allergic reactions in asthmatic patients, and to be particularly problematic in conditions with increased gut permeability. Additionally, some studies where high doses of Brilliant Blue were injected into rats have found cancerous growths at the site of injection.

Keep in mind

There have been calls for the removal of Brilliant Blue from liquids used in hospital feeding tubes given negative health effects seen after introducing this dye to ill patients. The FDA endorses Brilliant Blue’s removal from healthcare settings.

May be found in

Ice cream, blue liqueur, ice pops, icings, canned peas, dairy products, candies


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Aternative Spellings and Names

FD&C Blue No. 1, Blue 1, Bright Blue, E133

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