Ammonia caramel is a caramel colour food dye. It is made by heating carbohydrates in the presence of ammonium compounds.

Health considerations

Caramel colors are considered generally safe in the levels used in foods, though higher levels have been found to cause abnormally low white blood cell counts in mice and rats.

Keep in mind

The carbohydrate source for caramel production may come from allergenic sources such as wheat, barley, or milk, so individuals with allergies may wish to avoid caramel colours or contact manufacturers to request information about allergen levels.

May be found in

Beer, sauces, confectionery, bagels, breads, bread mixes, breakfast cereal, cinnamon filling, cocoa extender, chocolate, cookies, biscuits, ice cream cones, muffins, muffin mix, snack dusting, frosting


CFW Feature

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Alternative Spellings and Names

Baker’s caramel, Confectioner’s caramel, Beer caramel, E150c, Class III caramel

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