Lactobacillus casei is a strain of lactic acid bacteria.

Health considerations

L. casei is a probiotic bacteria shown to be helpful in preventing antibiotic-associated diarrhea and C. difficile infections, and promoting a healthy gut microbiome. Compared to placebos, consumption of L. casei improves recovery in children suffering acute diarrhea. There is suggestion that it can inhibit growth of H. pylori bacteria which are a cause of stomach ulcers. See: Probiotics.

Keep in mind

Probiotics have shown a protective effect against diseases such as IBS, atopy (including dermatitis), and other gastrointestinal disorders. See: Probiotics.

May be found in

Yogurt, fermented milk, yogurt drinks, cheese, Sicilian green olives


Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics

Alternative Spellings and Names

L. casei

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