There are two common species of walnut, the Black Walnut and the English Walnut. The English Walnut is the most commonly consumed.

Health considerations

Walnuts are among the most antioxidant-rich nuts. Walnuts provide protein and some vitamins and minerals, including zinc and B vitamins. Walnuts are primarily fat, the majority of which is polyunsaturated, including Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. Inclusion of moderate quantities of walnuts in the diet has been associated with improvements in cholesterol and blood lipids. See: Omega-3 fatty acids

Keep in mind

Walnuts are considered tree nuts and thus should be avoided by those with tree nut allergies unless otherwise indicated.

May be found in

Pastries, cakes, confections, salad dressings, granola, muesli, energy bars, granola bars


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