Spelt flour is made from ground spelt grains. It is used to make spelt pasta, spelt-based breads, and is an increasingly popular baking ingredient alternative to whole wheat flour. Spelt contains gluten and is therefore suited to bread-baking.

Health considerations

Spelt flour breads may be more digestible than wheat flour breads. Whole grain spelt flour has more resistant starch than whole wheat flour, leading to a slower rise in blood glucose following consumption and a longer digestion time. However, white spelt bread and white wheat bread have similar glycaemic indexes. See: Spelt

Keep in mind

Spelt flour is typically more expensive than wheat flours due to its more limited production and that it requires hulling before milling. It is available as whole grain and white spelt flour.

May be found in

Bread, spelt bread, spelt pasta, European breads


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