Golden raisins are made from seedless green grapes and are treated with sulfur dioxide to preserve a golden colour as they dry.

Health considerations

Raisins are primarily sugar but do contain fiber. Non-organic raisins may contain traces of pesticides. Polyphenol content inherent to fresh grapes decreases significantly with aging, drying, and processing. Sulfur dioxide treated golden raisins have the highest polyphenol content compared to sultanas and dark raisins. Raisins have little to no resveratrol content.

Keep in mind

Sulfur dioxide may be an allergy risk. Raisins may be coated with vegetable oils which may contain corn, soy, or seed oils; raisins may contain sulfites. These are common allergens.

May be found in

Cereal, granola, muesli, baked goods, cookies, cakes, energy bars, granola bars, trail mix, pilaf, rice dishes, candies, confectionery, chocolate bars, ice cream, frozen desserts, salad


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