Potato starch is a floury product of pure starch derived from potatoes. It has a variety of uses in commercial food production and is popular in baking, particularly gluten-free baking. The absence of protein can produce a softer texture when used as some of the dry ingredients in cakes and breads.

Health considerations

Potato starch has little to no nutritional value, such as fiber or micronutrients, aside from pure carbohydrate.

Keep in mind

When used as a thickener for sauces, soups, and stews, potato starch is able to tolerate higher heats than cornstarch while maintaining its thickening ability. Potato starch is distinct from potato flour.

May be found in

Packaged grated cheese, cream, instant soup, instant sauces, noodles, potato chips, hot dogs, pastries, sponge cakes, papeda, helmipurro, porridges, gluten-free baked goods, Kosher foods for Passover


Bob’s Red Mill

Alternative Spellings and Names

Potato starches

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