Ponceau 4R is a synthetic, red azo dye.

Health considerations

Ponceau 4R may cause a reaction in individuals with salicylate allergies. The dye has been mildly associated with hyperactivity in children. A 2001 review of safety data on the dye, by the European Food Safety Authority, concluded that Ponceau 4R did not pose a risk at current consumption levels.

Keep in mind

Ponceau 4R is not permitted for use in the US and was voluntarily phased out in the UK following consumer demand.

May be found in

Dessert toppings, jelly, salami, seafood dressings, tinned strawberries and fruit pie fillings and packeted cake mixes, cheesecakes, soups and trifles


The UK Food Guide
U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Alternative Spellings and Names

C.I. 16255, Cochineal Red A, C.I. Acid Red 18, Brilliant Scarlet 3R, Brilliant Scarlet 4R, New Coccine, SX purple, E124

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