Pepitas are the seeds of pumpkins. It may refer to the raw or roasted, unhulled seed, or the raw and hulled kernel. Most commonly the term is used for the roasted and hulled green kernels.

Health considerations

Pepitas are an excellent source of zinc, manganese, phosphorus, copper, magnesium, iron, and protein, as well as fat. Nutrition varies between varieties of pumpkin. See: Pumpkin seed oil.

Keep in mind

Pepitas may come from a variety of pumpkin or winter squash cultivars, which can affect the nutrient profile.

May be found in

Mole, trail mix, energy bars, granola, pumpkin seed oil


Self Nutrition Data

Alternative Spellings and Names

Pipian, pumpkin seed, pumpkinseed, pumpkin kernel, pepita de calabaza

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