Paprika is a red to brown spice made from dried, ground Capsicum annuum chili peppers. Paprika is available in a variety of grades and intensities, from mild to pungent, and may be spicy. Paprika that is not dried with smoking may be referred to as Hungarian paprika or sweet paprika, regardless of flavor intensity. See: Smoked paprika, Paprika oleoresin.

Health considerations

Paprika is a source of carotenoids and fiber. However, it is present typically in very small quantities.

Keep in mind

Individuals sensitive to peppers or capsaicin should avoid this ingredient.

May be found in

Goulash, paprikash, stews, soups, curries, pilaf, rice dishes, flavored oils, sausages, chorizo, tomato sauce


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Alternative Spellings and Names

Sweet paprika, tahmira

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