Panax ginseng is the fleshy root of a species of ginseng of the Panax genus.

Health considerations

Panax ginseng is used for a variety of conditions though evidence is limited. There is some support for Panax ginseng improving or reducing cold symptoms and preventing flu-like illnesses. Single studies also suggest an ability to improve blood sugar control, improve lung function and reaction time, and improve subjective well-being and quality of life. Ginseng may interact with a variety of medications, including those involved in regulating diabetes and blood pressure, and physicians should be consulted before consuming Panax ginseng extracts.

Keep in mind

American ginseng, Panax quinquefolius, may be sold under the name ginseng. Siberian ginseng, Ekeutherococcus senticosus, also eleuthera, may be sold as ginseng though its active compounds are different. Panax ginseng supplements are not strictly regulated and may not contain active ginseng compounds. Panax ginseng should not be given to children.

May be found in

Energy drinks, teas, nutritional supplements


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Alternative Spellings and Names

Asian ginseng, Korean ginseng

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