Palm kernel oil is a vegetable oil derived from tropical oil palm trees’ seeds. It is more saturated than palm oil. Palm kernel oil is distinct from palm oil and red palm oil. See: Palm oil, Red palm oil.

Health considerations

Palm kernel oil is 48% lauric acid, 16% myristic acid, 8% palmitic acid (all saturated fats), and 15% monounsaturated oleic acid, with small amounts of other saturated and polyunsaturated fats. Palm kernel oil intake leads to higher cholesterol levels in rats compared to intake of corn oil. See: Lauric acid, Myristic acid.

May be found in

Peanut butter, nut butters, baked goods, spreads, donuts, bread, peanut butter, cookies, cakes, chocolate, confectionery, crackers, chocolate hazelnut spread, margarine


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