Sweetened condensed milk is a thick, sweet product made from cow’s milk with water removed and sugar added. It is sold canned and has a very long shelf life. Sweetened condensed milk is typically made from whole milk, however fat free and low fat varieties are available.

Health considerations

Condensed milk is very high in sugar and is calorie-dense. As it is concentrated milk, it is a source of calcium.

Keep in mind

Sweetened condensed milk is likely unsuitable for individuals with dairy allergies or sensitivities.

May be found in

Custards, ice cream, caramels, cookies, magic bars, homemade dulce de leche, kajmak, banoffee, leche flan, in pies, in desserts, in coffee, in frozen desserts, as a topping


How stuff works

Alternative Spellings and Names

Sweetened condensed milk

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