Konjac is a plant whose starchy products are used to produce konjac flour. The dried starch contains glucommanan gum, which is a polysaccharide used to form gels. Konjac flour is very high in fiber and contains little digestible energy, thus providing few calories via consumption.

Health considerations

Konjac’s fibrous nature makes it a popular component of weight-loss supplements, as it promotes a sensation of fullness with few calories. It has also been shown to beneficially impact the flora of the gut microbiome and to treat constipation. Konjac-based gel candies have been banned in some nations as the gel does not melt in the mouth and may pose a choking hazard.

Keep in mind

Significant consumption of high-fiber foods can lead to gastrointestinal distress in individuals not accustomed.

May be found in

Fruit jellies, supplements, shirataki, konnyaku, yam flour cakes and noodles


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Aternative Spellings and Names

Glucomannan, konnyaku, konjak, E425

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