Evaporated cane juice is a loosely regulated term that can apply to any sweetener made from sugar cane syrup. It is a less refined product of cane syrup than granulated sugar, as it retains what is ultimately molasses.

Health considerations

Evaporated cane juice has not been stripped of all molasses and therefore can contain trace amounts of vitamins and minerals (see: molasses). It has essentially the same sugar and caloric content of white sugar. See: sucrose

Keep in mind

The term is loosely defined and poorly regulated in the US; white sugar is technically an evaporated cane juice. The FDA suggested in 2009 that the term shouldn’t be used to describe dried sugar cane syrup as this hides the fact that it is essentially table sugar, suggesting that it is a liquid juice; this is not an enforceable rule. Unlike granulated sugar which may be filtered with bone char, evaporated cane juice is vegan.

May be found in

Cereal, yogurt, granola, bread, lemonade, fruit juice, sweetened beverages, granola bars, energy bars, nutritional supplements, sauces, spreads, sold as is, baked goods, cookies, cakes


U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Yummy Plants

Alternative Spellings and Names

Evaporated cane sugar

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