Corn starch is a starch produced by grinding, washing, and drying the endosperm of corn. It is added to baked goods to improve texture and produce a more tender item and is present in icing sugar to prevent caking. Corn starch can also be found throughout the food supply for its thickening properties and ability to increase oil absorption in fried foods.

Health considerations

The production of corn starch involves considerable processing that removes the fiber, nutrients, and antioxidants present in whole corn.

Keep in mind

Corn is a common allergen. Corn starch is likely from GMO corn unless otherwise specified. Corn starch is derived from corn endosperm, which contains minimal gluten; processing theoretically eliminates gluten, but sensitive consumers should seek gluten free labels. See: corn

May be found in

Baked goods, fried foods, powdered sugar, pudding, pudding mixes, soup, sauces, gravies, custards, salad dressings, pasta


Self Nutrition Data

Alternative Spellings and Names

Corn flour, maizena

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