Coconut is a drupe (not a nut) of the coconut tree, Cocos nucifera. This ingredient is used in beverages, foods, skin care products and medicines.

Health considerations

Both coconut meat and coconut water are consumed. Raw coconut meat is high in fat and fiber and a source of copper, manganese, selenium, and iron. Coconut meat is also available dried and/or sweetened. The fats in coconut oil have been investigated due to the popularity of coconut oil, particularly unrefined coconut oil.  See: Coconut oil, virgin coconut oil, refined, coconut water

Keep in mind

Coconut can cause allergic reactions through ingestion or contact with skin, and may be cross-reactive for some individuals with tree nut allergies.

May be found in

Chocolates, non-dairy butter, energy bars, non-dairy ice cream, beverages, cereals


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Alternative Spellings and Names

Cocos nucifera

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