Calcium chloride is a food additive also used as a dessicant in packaging to ensure dryness. It is used as a firming agent in production of tofu, salt-free canned and pickled vegetables and legumes, sliced apples, and caviar substitutes. It is also used as a source of calcium for sports drinks, bottled water, beer brewing, and processed milk and cheese. It is a frequently used ingredient for modernist cuisine techniques.

Health considerations

Calcium chloride is a useful source of dietary calcium, with an estimated calcium chloride intake of 160 to 345 mg a day, on average. See: calcium

Keep in mind

Negative health effects of calcium chloride are generally from heavy dosing and exposure to its pure, powdered form from industrial use.

May be found in

Caramel, tofu, canned vegetables, canned legumes, pickled vegetables, canned fruit, precut fruit, milk, cheese, sports drinks, bottled water, beer



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