Azorubine is a synthetic, red, azo food dye.

Health considerations

Azorubine has been associated with sensitivity reactions, particularly when in combination with other dyes. It has not been associated with any genotoxic or carcinogenic effects like some other azo dyes.

Keep in mind

Azorubine is not permitted in Canada and was voluntarily phased out of the UK’s food system in 2009. In 2009 the European Food Safety Agency concluded that azorubine was not a risk to safety at current expected intake levels.

May be found in

Fruit jellies, soda, Fanta, blancmange, marzipan, Swiss roll, jams and preserves, sweets, brown sauce, flavoured yogurts, packet soups, jellies, breadcrumbs and cheesecake mixes


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Alternative Spellings and Names

Carmoisine, Food Red 3, Azorubin S, Brillantcarmoisin O, Acid Red 14, C.I. 14720, E122

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