Avocados are the green-fleshed fruit of the Persea americana tree. There are multiple varieties of avocados, with Hass accounting for around 80% of the world’s supply. Avocado can be used in home baking as a butter replacer, and is found commercially primarily in dips and spreads such as guacamole.

Health considerations

Avocado flesh is high in fiber and a source of vitamins and minerals including potassium, copper, vitamins C, E, K, B6. Avocados are high in fat relative to other fruit, being approximately 71.5% monounsaturated, 13% polyunsaturated, and 15.5% saturated. The fat is 57% oleic acid. In a study of sixteen men, replacing some animal fats with half to one-and-a-half avocados a day led to decreases in serum cholesterol. See also: avocado oil. See: monounsaturated fat, polyunsaturated fat

May be found in

Smoothies, guacamole, dips, spreads, desserts, salsa, salad


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