Anise, otherwise known as Pimpinella anisum, is an herb used in many dishes throughout the world. This herb is similar in flavour to star anise, liquorice, and fennel. Anise has also been used as an herbal remedy for many years.

Health considerations

Anise is used therapeutically as an herbal remedy for multiple ailments. These include use as an expectorant and treatment in respiratory issues, as a diuretic, as a sedative, and to improve digestion. Anise essential oils and extracts have antimicrobial properties. Extracts and oils have also shown estrogenic effects, leading them to be used therapeutically to improve lactation in breastfeeding mothers and to treat amenorrhea.

Keep in mind

Anise products can cause rashes and irritation.

May be found in

Herbal remedies, spice mixes, foods with a liquorice flavour


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Alternative Spellings and Names

Pimpinella anisum, Aniseed

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