Tree nuts are considered one of the top eight food allergens and require mandatory labelling. However, labelling is only required for ingredients, not warnings for cross contamination that may be introduced during processing.

Health considerations

The majority of tree nut allergies (affecting 0.2% of North American children and 0.5% of adults) are caused by certain proteins that are common across many types of tree nuts. Due to this, many of those with tree nut allergies are allergic to more than one type of tree nut.

Keep in mind

Certain highly refined oils do not require listing of allergens as the protein content is likely minimal; however caution should be exercised based on severity of allergy. Coconuts are classified as tree nuts by the FDA but are technically seeds; individuals with tree nut allergies should establish their reactivity to coconuts before consuming them.

May be found in

Baked goods, oils, snack foods, breakfast cereals, chocolates


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