Polydextrose is an indigestible polymer of glucose made from dextrose, sorbitol, and citric acid. It is used as a thickener, stabilizer, thickening agent, and low-calorie replacement for sugar, starch, or fat.

Health considerations

Polydextrose is classified as a soluble fiber and has approximately 1 calorie per gram. This makes it useful in the food industry to increase fiber content and reduce caloric content of foods, while acting as a replacement for sugar, fat, flour, or starch. Polydextrose is considered to promote growth of gut flora, and has a laxative effect like other fibers.

Keep in mind

There is limited evidence of polydextrose having the same long term benefits as fibers from whole foods.

May be found in

Baked goods, beverages, chocolate, confectionery, cereal products, dairy products, nutrition bars, sugar-free applications


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